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Picopresso + JX


Back to blogging with a first #coffee post, but this time accompanied with another first: a video production! https://youtube.com/watch?v=cdKXK9N351I I primarily do brewed coffee using the Hario V60 and when I’m feeling fancier I whip out the Aeropress or the Woodneck. So this is…

Passing the CKAD Exam

#ckad, #certification, #kubernetes

2020 has been quite the year with everyone working from home, having all the time in the world yet having no time at all. I finally took some time off work and decided to get started on some certifications I’ve been meaning to do, starting with CKAD, or the Certified Kubernetes…

Blocking Ads with Pi-hole in Kubernetes

#pihole, #kubernetes

One of the common things people do with a vanilla Raspberry Pi is to use it exclusively to host Pi-Hole. If you haven’t heard of Pi-Hole, it’s essentially a service that blocks advertisements via DNS. Imagine a file with a gigantic list of domains belonging to ad networks and…

Optimising Java Docker Images

#java, #docker, #kubernetes

Containers have evolved very quickly from being an obscure technology to being confused with virtual machines to being mainstream production drivers today. Docker itself has been around for 7 years but many developers of the old world still do not understand it very much. This…

Enhancing a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster

#k8s, #kubernetes, #raspberry-pi

In the previous post, I described how to build a Kubernetes cluster of Raspberry Pi 4s from scratch. While you get an operational cluster that is fully capable of deploying basic workloads, it is vastly different to a managed cluster provided by a cloud vendor, simply because…

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